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The Shadowy Hills Secrets

Chapter 3
The Fight & Sorrow
Scorpia Fernvine wanted to help out his best friend since childhood..he hadn't even told Ailen Talser that they were even on this planet..

Scorpia had called the Centaurs and asked them if they would be willing to go and get rid of the Dragon..2 of the 4 said yes..Eros Mormo and Artemis Morus..chose to go..Krios Furies and Minotaur Hyem said no it was to dangerous doing this with very little help..they needed to wait for backup..it didn't happen..Scorpia, Eros and Artemis chose to do it themselves..they felt it was the best for everyone that lived here and the future of this planet..

Once there they confronted the Dragon..

There was also some horses there with armor..they didn't understand what this meant..they would soon find out..that the horses refused to do anything..they had a mind of their own and nobody was going to change that..

Magic who knew it would be dark magic..

Out of know where a sword like object came to them

Eros picked it up without thinking..then Artemis picked it up..something happened that was not for seen..

Scorpia was so upset over this that he decided to leave the gravestones there for a reminder and honor these men served..

When Scorpia got home he didn't even tell his wife what he had done..

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