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Maxis Match Only
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Welcome to the Maxis Match community! Here you can feature your Maxis Match content, whether it are genetics, objects, lots or sims. We can also be found at Tumblr.

Because the term Maxis Match is more of a grey area than anything else, we wrote a couple of guidelines. Please read it through before submitting.

These need to be close to the original Maxis skins. They can't be too shiny, too realistic, or too detailed. Skins we don't consider Maxis Match are for example most of Trapping's and Mouseyblue's skins. Of course, these rules also apply to the supernatural skins. Some great MM skin examples are Engram's, Nilou's sets or Auberginesims' skins.

Like skins, these have to be cartoony as well. It needs a clean sclera. Eyes that are too shaded and detailed don't go well with the animations in-game, which ruins the meaning of Maxis Match. Eyes we don't consider Maxis Match are for example most of Jesstheex' and Oritasho's eyes. Some good examples of MM eyes are Nilou's and Keoni's eyesets.

The colours need to be close to the Maxis colours and can't be too shiny. Every hair has highlights though, even MM hair. Remi's and Simgaroops colours/textures are the ones used the most in the community, but of course there are other people with their own set of textures. As long as the textures are matte and the colours are close to the original colours, you're good. Hairs we don't consider Maxis Match are for example Pookleted textures and Eva's colours (Lilith).

Any make-up is welcome, as long as it fits the whole cartoon-y look. We're not looking for overly realistic sims, so we don't need very detailed enhancements. Make-up however isn't even to divide, as a lot of makeup can fit all styles of games. Make-up we aren't looking for is overly detailed and shiny. Some MM makeup examples are Nilou's and Sevenskellington's make-up.

Accessoires, such as glasses, hair accessoires and earrings can also be submitted. As with makeup, as long as it isn't too detailed and shiny it'll fit in this community. Tamo's glasses is a great example.

The clothing in general needs to have relatively clean textures. No photoskinning, there needs to be actual meshing. The body structure needs to be close to the original. Some great examples are Migamoo, Sevenskellington and Anna's.

Just as with the clothing, objects also need to have relatiely clean textures. No photoskinning, no realistic textures. Objects we don't consider Maxis Match are for example Buggybooz' and Yuxi's objects, as they are too realistic. A good example of what will be accepted are Anna's and HafiseAzale's recolours.

As an extra note; object recolours from the game / EA Store / conversions from the Stories games are more than welcome. We also accept Maxis Match like objects. Think of MM addons or extracts, like the completer sets from Mutske and Ailias for tables and chairs. However, other custom content that would look good in an cartoony game is also accepted, like HolySimoly's content.

These rules also apply to walls and floors.

You can submit any lot you want, as long as it's either CC free or uses Maxis Match items. Please provide a CC list along with your lot if it's not CC free and please state the expansion and stuff packs being used. If you're not sure, list all the EPs and SPs you have.

Any sim is welcome, as long as it uses Maxis Match content. Similar with submitting lots, please provide a CC list.

Please don't hotlink; save the picture to your own computer and upload it using Photobucket, Imgur or other image upload services. Preferably no Tinypic, as Tinypic tends to re-use their urls. Also keep in mind that the maximum size is 650x450 pixels. Don't forget to use an LJ-CUT if you have more than one picture in your post.

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